Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Spring Garden Update | Mid-March 2021

Can you believe spring is almost officially here? We've been very busy around our home over the past month or two. I've been digging up sod along the edges of our fence to make way for flower beds. In February, I transplanted our blueberry bushes from our raised bed garden and planted them alongside the fence. It is too early to tell if they'll survive, but I am hopeful. 

Last week, we planted a new strawberry bed. Something took out our old one that we had for three years. After the harvest season last year, the plants just died. The new strawberry bed is against the fence and framed in with 100-year-old handmade bricks from our family farm. This week, I finally added wheat straw to finish it up. 

We made a trip to the plant nursery this week and purchased broccoli, kale, bok choy, and lettuce. This is my broccoli bed this year. I planted two different varieties and a total of 8 plants. They're currently sharing the space with a couple of rose bushes I dug up but have not replanted in their new space yet. 

I've never grown kale or bok choy, so I am very excited about this bed. It will be nice not to buy any from the grocery store this spring. I also planted beets at the far end, but I'm a little late so they may not come up. 

Unfortunately, the nursery did not have any of the lettuce I love (a dark red and green salad blend) so I bought what they had and planted it anyway. I bought some seeds for what I love and planted those, but because it is so late in the season, I am not certain I'll get anything. Same goes for the peas and radishes I planted in this same bed, though not pictured. I've been so busy on other projects that the planting dates completely slipped my mind. 

That's all I'm planting this spring, as part of the project I am working on is disassembling the old garden beds and moving the raised bed garden to a new location in our backyard. I'll plant our summer garden in the new beds and finish disassembling the old beds once the spring garden has finished its harvest. 

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