Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Spring Garden Update | End of March 2021

 We've had quite a bit of warm days recently and the yard is coming back to life, and so is the garden.

 We'll start with the lettuce bed. The lettuce I purchased has grown some, though there is no sign of the lettuce seeds I planted. I'm still sad that I will not be enjoying my favorite lettuce this year, but lesson learned and I'll be starting my own lettuce seeds indoors for next year. 

The peas I planted are coming up! Many are still missing form the two rows I planted, but I am hopeful more will come up soon. I just pray that the weather is not already too warm for our peas to thrive. 

Take a look at this oregano! I planted it three years ago and it has completely taken over. I've already begun disassembling this portion of the garden bed and sadly, this beauty has to go. I was able to separate a few pieces to plant in pots for myself and for my parents. I will not be putting oregano directly in the ground again. I could never eat that much pasta and pizza! 

The kale and bok choy are doing great! I love experimenting with new vegetables in the garden. I am unsure what pests may eat these greens, but I hope they stay far away. The beets haven't come up, and I am doubting they ever will. I'll have to remember to plant them earlier in the year next time. 

The broccoli is also growing well. I still have replanted the rose bushes (not pictured) that they're sharing a bed with. Prepping the summer garden beds has taken up most of my time. 

Strawberries seem to be doing well. There might be one or two blossoms, but I'm also not expecting a huge harvest from these this year.

The blueberries survived the move! Lot's of green is showing up and I've even found new branches. I think they'll be doing better this year in their new location than they ever have in the years we've had them. 

When we first moved in four years ago, I had dreams of a mini-orchard in my backyard. I bought two apple trees and two peach trees. After the first year, one of the apple trees died. The second year, a peach tree. The second peach tree was struggling, but it stayed on for another year. I ended up removing this year because I could tell it wasn't going to thrive here. Now I have one lone apple tree. It has never produced fruit and this year it didn't produce blossoms. I thought for sure it was dead and had made plans to dig it up tis week, until I came out and found these little leaves. It gets to stay and we'll see what it does.

I have four blackberry bushes along the fence on the other side of our yard. When I planted them, I didn't realize the area was not in full sun, but the blackberries have always done well. It looks like they're getting ready to blossom. I didn't have a chance to prune them back this year. 

That's all for this update! I can't wait to see how much everything grows next month. 

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