Thursday, April 23, 2020

Photo Books

I've been working on unfinished projects during this down time, one of which are these family photo books. I've been working on them for years, though never got around to finishing and printing them. I design them on the computer and will order a hardcover copy for our home. It's a large undertaking, going through the thousands of photos I've taken of the children, along with my Instagram and Facebook posts that help me to document what was going on at the time.

While compiling these photo albums/journals, I've also revived our old family blog. The goal is to have a hard copy and virtual copy (blog) of our family life that the children can one day look back on. While we have fond memories of family vacations and major family milestones, I wanted to make sure I documented the day-to-day moments like these as well.

What have you been taking the time to work on during the COVID-19 pandemic?