Monday, March 2, 2020

Time for Mother

My children and I recently watched an episode of Little House on the Prairie in which Ma is asked to bake pies for a church bazaar. She and her family had planned on heading out early, but she insists that Pa take the girls and she'll catch up in a few days. She's happy and smiling and Pa jokingly tells her that she must be looking forward to her time alone. She insists she'll be busy making pies but does acknowledge that sometimes mothers enjoy a bit of quiet time.

I think we can all identify with Ma in this instance. While I love my children dearly, and truly enjoy their company in the home, it is nice to have some time alone. I would often have alone time when the children were much younger and they would take naps. It was a glorious time. I would get some uninterrupted cleaning done, perhaps work on dinner prep, catch up on e-mails or blog reading, or simply sit on the couch in complete silence and enjoy those few moments to relax.

My children are older now and the only one who naps is the baby. They are always on-the-go and we keep ourselves very busy. Before our sweet baby was born, my husband would occasionally take the children with him out of town to visit his parents and I would have the day to myself. It allowed me to catch up on housework and take things slow. I missed them very much when they were gone and had an excitement build within me when I knew they would be home very soon.

Motherhood is strange in that way. We spend the first season of our lives thinking mostly of ourselves, only to be followed by the joyous season of marriage and family, in which we begin to think mostly of others. I believe it is part of God's design that mother's miss their children when they are not around; a longing of the heart. It encourages us to be better mother's when they return.

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