Friday, March 6, 2020

Homeschool Confessions

I have a confession to make...

We've been slacking off in our homeschool lately.

We've been doing our math and language arts lessons but I'm embarrassed to admit that we've stopped working on history, geography, and science.  Those subjects are our favorites, but they take a lot of time to prepare.

Last school year, we started off strong with our study of ancient history. It included a lot of reading from the Old Testament and books from the library. Then we switched our study to the life of Christ to follow along with our church Sunday School curriculum. While this was enjoyable and the children learned a lot, we didn't stick to our original plan. This school year, we picked up where we left off on our ancient history curriculum. That lasted until October when our sweet Juliette was born. We have not done history since! Needless to say, we'll have to do a bit of reviewing before moving forward.

We do a lot of restarting in our homeschool. Major events happen that put us behind, and then we try to catch up, which never works. Next week, I plan to restart our "fun" subjects again. The children miss them and so do I.

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  1. Oh, I so relate to this...Not because we have a new baby, but I struggled to stick with something and my son resisted so many of my efforts. It has been so discouraging over the last two and a bit years. Recently we have started Gather Round Homeschool and it has been an answer to prayers, we all want to do school each day and my son is actually trying. It's been a joy to see. Praying the Lord would help you and you would all gently work back into the routine that works for you.