Tuesday, February 4, 2020

In Support of Our Latina Sisters

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My goal has been for this page to be an escape from current events and worldly ideas and instead be a celebration of womanhood, motherhood, and home life. However, I felt prompted to share my thoughts on the inaccuracies of a recent event. 

As you know, the Super Bowl half-time show has taken over the news since Sunday evening. I admittedly did not watch it then, nor will I watch it in the future. As we know by now, the half-time show was anything but family friendly. Without getting into the provocative and inappropriate details, we can come to the conclusion that the performers were anything but empowering to young girls around the world. Most troubling is that many women are defending the half-time show as an example of not only the empowerment of women but a celebration of Latin culture. Whatever brief and innocent celebration of Latin culture that may have been in the performance has been overshadowed by what is not Latin culture. I feel our Latina sisters have been poorly represented by what one may find on a street corner in Latin America (or anywhere, for that matter).

While not a Latina woman myself, I have had the privilege of crossing paths with many extraordinary Latina women (with even a few of them marrying into my extended family) and this is what I know:  Latina women are beautiful, both inside and out. They are also loyal and fierce protectors of their families. They work extremely hard, whether in the home or outside of the home. They instill good values into their children and lead by example. They love and care for all those that they encounter. They will sacrifice to make sure no one goes hungry. Most importantly, they are strong women of faith. These characteristics are similar to what we as women around the world share, no matter our race or culture.

by Mexican artist Jesús Helguera, 1910-1971 

We need to remember that J.Lo and Shakira are performers first and foremost.  They are not an accurate representation of Latina women (or women in general) nor do they represent the empowerment of women. They are slaves to the industry and are the perfect example of the objectification of women.

It is important for women around the world to come together and support one another. We have more similarities than we do differences. Do not let celebrities and the media tarnish the real beauty of Latin culture or of women in general.

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