Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Searching for the Calm

Winter was short-lived, though I honestly don't remember much of it. The seasons go by fast when the weather doesn't know what to do with itself. 

I have four children at home with me and our house is always buzzing with activity. I have a dancer leaping around downstairs like a pixie. My boys are in a stage in life in which everything is a battle. They battle army men, knights and dragons, and if they're tired of battling their toys, they battle each other. I have a sweet little one that still does a lot of sleeping. 

I love this stage in my life, but I sometimes wish it didn't feel so busy. I want to be able to sit down somewhere and stare out the window or read a book. I want to go on a walk and enjoy nature. The outdoors brings calm to my life and to the children. 

I was able to have a few brief moments alone outside this morning. Because it has been so warm, life is coming back to the garden. The parsley I had planted with the tomatoes last year never died. In fact, it's growing better than it did all spring and summer. I have dill, cilantro, and even lettuce miraculously sprouting up in the garden beds in places where the seeds must have scattered (weeds are popping up everywhere as well). One of our peach trees are beginning to blossom and I also noticed tiny buds on our apple tree. 

I know the weather will get cold again but I love seeing the new growth. I anxiously wait for the days of spring and summer in which I can be outside again with my hands in the soil. 

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