Thursday, January 16, 2020

An Introduction to Our Homeschool

One of my most asked questions when someone first gets to know me is about homeschooling. How we do it, why we do it, and what a typical day is like. 

When we first started our family it had never been my intention to homeschool, but when my oldest was getting close to the age to start kindergarten, I realized I did not want to put this precious child’s education in the hands of someone else. I wanted to be the one responsible for the education for all of my children. I moved forward with teaching her at home and haven’t looked back. Our family has grown since those early years and we are still at it.

"Infant Teacher" by Albert Anker

1. My first child is now 10 years old. I started homeschooling her when she was of preschool age. We did little activities with letters of the alphabet and colorful counting bears. She’s very quiet natured and continues to want to stay home with me each year, so that is what we’ve done. She is a good reader and has been reading chapter books for the last few years. Right now she is working through the Little House series on her own after taking a break from reading Harry Potter. She takes piano, ballet and tap dancing lessons each week. Between those lessons and church activities, she is by far my busiest child. 

2. My second child will be turning 8 at the end of the month. He has dyslexia and I am still in the process of learning how best to teach him. He loves being read to and is a great learner in every other aspect of his education. He takes piano lessons each week and can play by ear but does surprisingly well reading notes in spite of having reading difficulties. He’s also a post-open heart surgery baby but today is as healthy as can be. He’s limited on what sports he can play, so he chose baseball and loves it. He plays in the competitive spring season and this last fall he completed his first skills development season. 

3. My third child is 5 years old and has been part of our homeschool from the beginning. He was very insistent at a young age that he do what his older siblings were doing. He’s half way through our 1st grade math curriculum and taught himself how to read at an early age. He’s a bright kid and sometimes it can be a struggle to keep up with him. He started taking piano lessons last year and is following in his brothers footsteps by playing baseball. 

4. My fourth child is 3 months old. She’s what some would call an easy baby. She eats well, sleeps well, and has a calm and happy personality. It is too early to tell what part she will play in our homeschool but the children are all eager to teach her everything she will need to learn. 

I hope to be able to share some of our experiences and things I have learned over the years as we've been on this journey. Our family is just an ordinary family and I do not claim to be an expert on the subject but I hope you will enjoy hearing our stories and learning along with us. 

I hope you come back again soon for a visit!

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