Thursday, October 17, 2019

Daily Chore Chart: "Market on Thursday"

Happy Thursday! Over the past few weeks, I have shared our MondayTuesday, and Wednesday chore charts. This week I am sharing our Thursday chores. 

This schedule works well for us because my daughter has dance class across the street from the grocery store. I prepare a list the day before and do my best to stick to it. To be completely honest, this is not the only day we ever go grocery shopping. My husband will sometimes go to the store on his way home from work to pick up essentials like milk, bread, apples, or bananas. The store I go to on Thursdays is a little more expensive but their produce is much more fresh (and there is more variety) than at other stores. 

The children also help to clean the dining room, and as our school week ends on Thursdays, we put away our school supplies in the school room (unless we have catch-up work to do on Friday). Lately, however, as soon as the weeks school supplies get put away, my "I need to declutter and organize this stuff" piles come back out for the weekend. 


Be sure to check back, as I'll be sharing our daily charts in the coming weeks. Hopefully they can provide guidance and blessings for your family as well!


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