Friday, October 25, 2019

Daily Chore Chart: "Clean on Friday"

Happy Friday! Over the past few weeks, I have shared our MondayTuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday chore charts. This week I am sharing our Friday chores. 

Folks used to give their house a good cleaning on Fridays in anticipation of visitors during the weekend. While most of our guests visit during the week, I still felt Friday would be a good day to stick to tradition. If anything, it provides a clean home for my husband who is off work most weekends. I also enjoy a clean home on the weekend, as it gives me a much needed break. If the weather is nice, the children wash our vehicles with Daddy's help. We're fortunate that he doesn't work all day on Fridays and can do some "fun" cleaning with the kids.

On Friday evenings, we often have a family movie night. My husband and children pick a movie, and we either have dinner or popcorn as we enjoy the movie in the living room. This does require a quick vacuuming on Saturday morning to clean up whatever popcorn pieces were left behind, but it's a small price to pay for an enjoyable evening with the family.

The children also clean their bedrooms in anticipation for Saturday morning, the only time during the week they're allowed to play the Wii or a computer game. However, if the weather is nice I tend to push them outside and away from the television. They do not get "chore bucks" for cleaning their room, as I feel that this is a responsibility all children should have and need to complete without reward. The task does not come without its battles, but they're a lot happier once their room is clean. We all are.


Be sure to check back, as I'll be sharing our daily charts in the coming weeks. Hopefully they can provide guidance and blessings for your family as well!


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