Monday, September 23, 2019

Daily Chore Chart: "Wash on Monday"

Due to the upcoming changes in our family (a new baby on the way in October, specifically), and changes in the children's ages and skill levels, I have recently updated our daily chore charts and I wanted to take the time to share them.

I came up with the cleaning plan after reading Laura Ingalls Wilder's book Little House in the Big Woods with my children. In the book, she lists the homemaking routine of her family. It was so simple, traditional, and old-fashioned that I had to apply it to my own homemaking, with a modern twist of course.

I titled each chore page with the schedule from the book. Monday is simply "Wash on Monday". No longer do we need to wash our clothing down at the creek, or in a large basin by hand. We utilize our modern conveniences (and save a lot of time). Each day has a special area, or "zone", that I focus on. I clean the kitchen on Mondays because after a busy weekend, it could use a good scrubbing. Our neighborhood trash collection is on Tuesdays, so on Monday I have the chance to clean out uneaten leftovers from the refrigerator and throw them away without it sitting in the garbage bin for days. 

As the homemaker in my family, it is my role to take care of the home and all of the household chores, but it is also my responsibility to teach my children those same responsibilities. For many of the various chores, there is an option for the children to help out and earn some money that we call "chore bucks". I shared this system in a previous post titled "Cleaning With Children - Our Family Reward System".

The children absolutely love to help complete each daily chore chart. They have their favorite chores, but I do try to make sure they rotate or share the chores so that they can all be trained to keep a clean home. My sons help with the chores just as much as my daughter (maybe moreso, as my older son takes after his father in his eagerness to serve).

We are able to complete Monday's chore chart easily, in between school lessons and piano lessons, especially when everyone chips in. It has been a blessing to our family and to our home.

Be sure to check back, as I'll be sharing our daily charts in the coming weeks. Hopefully they can provide guidance and blessings for your family as well! 

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