Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Peace of Home

Empty homes seem to be a common occurrence these days. They sit, big and empty, all day while fathers are at work and mothers find any excuse to “get out of the house”. Are our homes no longer a place of comfort? A place we no longer appreciate coming to?

The modern way of doing things is to buy the biggest home one can afford, and then leave it every day to go to work. In order to afford these homes, even mothers have taken to working outside of the home and sending their children to daycare. If mothers are not at work, then they've found somewhere to be other than at home. The house sits empty.

As a keeper of the home, it is my responsibility to be at home. To care for it. To make it welcoming. To keep it clean and orderly. My husband should want to come home and seek the solace within its walls.

Our home is not often a place of quiet peace, but it is a place of love, of memories, of children’s laughter (and sometimes tears). It is a place of learning, of comfort, of enjoyment. A place in which we can grow together and build long lasting relationships with those we love the most. The family is an essential part of God's plan, and what better place than the home to cherish it?

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”
–Jane Austen

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