Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Preschool Science: Insects

Teaching young children about the world around them is an exciting time. My 4-year-old absolutely loved studying insects. We read a few pages out of our animal encyclopedia, walked outside in search of bugs, and got a little messy with paints. He made the cutest little fingerprints which I later turned into bugs. We added it to his science notebook and will forever have it as a keepsake.

After our lesson, we made a yummy snack of edible "bugs".

It doesn't take much to teach young ones while keeping them entertained. Many of them are eager to learn. It is important to keep the lessons fun and simple. While reading from a book is a favorite pastime, in my experience I have learned that the more "hands-on" I make a lesson, the more memorable it will be for the child. The reward comes when the child says to me, "Mommy, remember when we..."

Cherish these younger years. They go by fast!

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