Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Our First Week: Wednesday -- The Garden of Eden, Dry Deserts, & Windy Prairies | 2018-2019

We're still off to a good start this week. Today we finished reading Genesis 2, and continued through Genesis 3, which is the story of Adam and Eve, The Garden of Eden, and when God sent them away, out of the Garden. The children had two coloring pages to keep them busy. 

The older two are not as eager to have me take their picture while they do their school work, so forgive me for always posting pictures of the 4-year-old. I promise he's not the only student. He sure is cute, though.

We all did our usual math and language arts lessons, and began learning about animal habitats in science. We read about deserts and prairies, the first type of grassland we're studying.

We had short narrations to complete with each habitat and they also had these coloring pages to work on as I read. The older two just kinda scribble them as fast as they can to get it done, but my youngest takes great care in his artwork, so his is the one I'm posting. Not bad for his age, if you ask me!

We continued with our third day of Afternoon Tea, by having Tangerine Orange Zinger flavored herbal tea with leftover blueberry scones and another batch of cucumber sandwiches. I'm thinking next week I'll mix things up with a new sandwich, though I am not sure what.

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