Thursday, July 26, 2018

Our First Week: Thursday -- Cain & Abel, Savannas, and Rainforests | 2018-2019

We made it through our entire first week! We end our school week on Thursdays, leaving Friday open for field trips, long weekends, or makeup days. This Friday and Saturday, I'm cleaning house because we did almost nothing as far as that goes this week. We'll try better next week! 

This morning we read about Cain and Abel as found in Genesis 4. This story of course fascinated the boys the most, and they wanted to know all the details of how Cain killed Abel. The Belle instead wanted to know the reasons as to why Abel's lamb was accepted, but not Cain's harvest. There was a lot of back and forth discussion with this story. 

We finished up our science lessons for the week. We read about another type of grassland, the savanna, and about rainforests. I thought I'd share what the narration pages look like. I had the boys tell me what they learned from each habitat and I wrote it down.

Here are a few things the boys had me write:
The Rascal (4) (about deserts): "Cactus grow in the desert. The desert is very hot in the day and very cold at night."
The Gent (6) (about prairies/grasslands): "There are lots of fires in grasslands. They burn the trees and grass, but the grass is still alive because the fire does not burn the roots."

The Belle (8) didn't want me to share hers, but she said it was okay if I shared her rainforest coloring page.

We were never able to go on our nature walk for pre-k science due to a rainy week, so we may try to do that next week if we can fit it into our schedule.

We also finished our geography unit, and between that and science, we were not able to fit in our afternoon tea.

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