Saturday, August 29, 2015

Week in Review 2015: #32, #33, #34


Our second week of homeschool started off well, until George woke up early Tuesday morning, threw up in his bed and then threw up in ours, then threw up 7 more times within an hour. After that, the bug was gone. Later in the week, I got a cold that stayed with me through the weekend and the beginning of the next week. It was not fun. I got behind on housework and schoolwork.

My husband and I also celebrated our ten year anniversary. We left the kids with my parents and went to our favorite Chinese place. After dinner, we headed to Toys R Us without the kids to check out possible birthday/Christmas presents. Even on a day about us, we're still thinking about the kids.

We took off of school last Friday to spend the day with my mother-in-law because it was her birthday. My husband happened to be off work that day anyway, so we made an entire day of it. We also ended up going back to his parents house on Saturday so he could fix something for them. We stayed most of the day and the kids got to spend some time with their cousins, which I know they enjoyed.

We also scheduled Bridget for dance classes. She has been taking ballet lessons for the past two years but this year will also be adding tap lessons (with the same dance academy). She is so excited. It makes our afternoons rather busy, but it is something she enjoys. Once George and Liam get more involved in extracurricular activities, I may need to have Bridget choose what she prefers (she also does gymnastics).


We've completed our fourth week! We're a little behind due to sickness one week and visits the next, with other issues in between, but the few things that we are still behind with can very easily be caught up. My focus has mainly been on Bridget, because she is the one with an actual curriculum and schedule to follow (and she's the one I've gotten behind with). I've allowed George to play in his room or to watch some morning PBS shows while I've done school with Bridget. He hasn't complained, but I hope to have him back at our school table with us next week.


We had gotten an entire lesson behind in math. On Sunday evening, I had her take the test for lesson 2 and on Monday she did an entire lesson and took the test for that and got it all correct. She was very proud that she earned herself a sticker. This past Tuesday we began lesson 4 and have been back on track ever since. I'm glad that she enjoys math so much.


We've had two lessons with spelling lists so far and Bridget is catching on well. She gets frustrated at times when I make her sound things out, but doesn't realize until after her meltdown that she knew how to spell the word all along. This is still a new 'subject' for her and will take some getting used to.   


This is currently my favorite to teach. I love history, but I'm very excited that  we're also getting more involved in science. As I mentioned in a previous post, our library didn't have a good selection of habitat books to choose from, and while there were a couple of habitat books good for children Bridget's age, many of them were geared toward the older elementary aged child. I found the perfect habitat books on and after a week of pondering, finally purchased them and they arrived two days later (gotta love Prime shipping!). I'm happy about the investment and after looking through the books, they are perfect for her age and will still be good to use when we repeat biology in the fourth grade.

I had this display board sitting around the house for the past few years after using it for a project of my own. The board itself was a little beat up but after covering it with some construction paper, it is back to good use again. It's our new "habitats board". Because I'm weird and like to color code things, I have white for the arctic and Antarctic (with the arctic on top and Antarctic on the bottom, naturally), black for caves and underground habitats, blue for water habitats, brown for forest, green for rainforest, orange for grasslands, and yellow for deserts (which are also divided into Sahara and Sonoran, as I have yet to find wild camels living in New Mexico and felt it important to differentiate between these two desert habitats... and while I wanted to include parts of Australia and other deserts around the world, I held back because my daughter is only a first grader after all).

I found images of each habitat via Google images and printed them off on cardstock to give her a visual of what each habitat looks like. After we finish reading up on each habitat individually, we'll begin learning about the animals that live in these habitats, and place pictures of them in the appropriate areas. Hopefully the board is big enough. I wanted to save the board for when we study plants in the Spring so that we can have pictures of various plants in each habitat, but the I think the animals will fill it up. Bridget is just as excited as I am about our science unit.

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