Friday, March 6, 2015

Week in Review: Baby Cheeks, New Jersey Disco Fries

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Over the past two months, we have been battling a severe drool rash with Liam. The first photo was taken back in January, around the time it began. He woke up one morning with blood on his pajamas. By the time we got him to the doctor, it was already looking better so the doctor said to use Aquaphor on his cheeks and chin to keep them from getting irritated and to use hydrocortisone cream when it developed into a rash. This worked for a little while, but then the rash would come back and the Aquaphor seemed to have stopped working. The rash would usually look the worst over the weekend and by Monday it would be healing. This last weekend, however, he was miserable and itching, trying to scratch his chin on anything he could (usually my shoulder). His rash developed into sores with blood and puss. I took him in to see the doctor on Monday morning. She prescribed a steroid cream and also gave us some tips for the eczema. I do hope that this continues to do the trick. I'm glad I am able to kiss those chubby cheeks again. 

On Wednesday, we experienced some unusually warm weather. The temperature got up to 80 degrees!  Unfortunately, we had gotten behind with school and so we stayed indoors but opened all of the windows in the house. George pushed off all of our school books and papers from the top of the bookshelf so that he could have a seat to watch the birds and enjoy the fresh air. I forgave him for the mess on the floor and let him enjoy his afternoon.



We covered New Jersey for our states study. So far, Bridget has remembered the capitals and the locations on the map of the states we have covered. She is very proud of herself. Because we like food in our family, we usually prepare a dish that either originated in or is popular in the state we are covering. New Jersey has a treat called "disco fries", which is an Americanized version of the Canadian poutine. Poutine calls for brown gravy and cheese curds on fries. Disco fries calls for brown gravy and mozzarella cheese. I did not know what either of these dishes were, but I am glad we made it. Because of our diet, I made a mushroom gravy and vegan mozzarella cheese sauce for the fries. The kids really enjoyed it and we'll probably make it again.




Bridget is learning to skip count now. This week she learned how to skip count by 2s. She caught on quickly and it turned out to be a very quick lesson. We nearing the end of our math book for the year and I may need to purchase the next level before the school year is up.

Little Brother

George is becoming more interested in joining us for school. Every time I start any lesson with Bridget, he drops his toys and comes running, saying, "Me too, Mommy! I do school too!". So we're counting bears and making patterns while Bridget completes her math work. He is also (sort of) doing the vowels poem and consonants rhyme with Bridget. He doesn't understand what he's saying but he sounds cute when he says it. As far as the other subjects go, he really just shows up for the food.


We finished The Secret Garden. Bridget loved it and talks about India all the time now, even though the main character was only in India for a short time. We've been reading a few Berenstain Bear books I picked up at Barnes and Noble when went to buy more Classic Starts books. We are undecided what I will be reading to them next. George wants me to read Peter Pan and Bridget wants me to read Alice in Wonderland. I could do both but the fighting is over who gets their book first. I am glad they love being read to but it makes it less fun for me.


Disco Fries
Stuffed Shells
Lentil Loaf

Final Thoughts

I've decided to continue with homeschool through the summer. I had originally decided on finishing in May and starting back up in August, but things happen and we get behind. We also enjoy it so much (most days) so why would I want to take that away during the summer? I'll be sticking primarily with reading, writing, and math and let Bridget decide what else she wants to continue doing. If nothing else, then fine.

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