Friday, February 6, 2015

Week in Review: Silly Animal Stories, Liam is Up!

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Our week started off on a low note when our friend Phil the Groundhog predicted that spring would not be coming early this year. Bridget woke up early and was so excited about seeing Phil. She didn't quite understand why I looked so disappointed. She still adores the little critter, but I on the other hand am having to rethink our relationship.

On Tuesday, we began reading a new book called Animal Stories. When we finished reading the story of how the elephant got its trunk, Bridget informed me that it was not true. But we did agree that it was still a good story, as silly as it was. While I read it again the next day, she drew a picture. I'm not sure why she colored the elephant's trunk red (maybe she figured it was bloody from being in the crocodile's mouth). After retelling the story back to me, she then drew eyelashes and earrings on the poor elephant.

During play time this week, the kids spent a lot of time dressing up. Bridget has a lot of princess dresses to wear and George has his one dragon costume from last Halloween. He has worn it every day this week. I think he likes how warm and cozy it is. It's rather cute to see a little dragon going from room to room.

The boys went to the doctor on Thursday morning for their well-care visits. They're both healthy and growing well.

I'm lacking in pictures this week, but I did grab the camera this morning after Liam successfully made it onto his knees after days of failed attempts. Then he did it again. And again. Then I grabbed the camera. I'm so glad I did. Here are three of about twenty pictures that I took. Oh how we all love this cute little guy.

We're all looking forward to some warmer weather this weekend. Sunday looks like it will be in the upper sixties! This time, it won't be raining. I hope we are able to play outside for awhile after church. We all could use a bit of sunshine.

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