Friday, February 20, 2015

Week in Review: Frozen in the South

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This week was full of holiday festivities. Saturday was, of course, Valentine's Day. Bridget made daddy spaghetti for dinner. He gave her pink roses. They're a perfect match and so cute together.

Tuesday was Fat Tuesday, or Malasada Day. We had malasadas (Portuguese doughnuts) for breakfast and throughout the day. You can learn more about malasadas and see the recipe here.

The remainder of the week was not so exciting. We haven't left the house since Monday! If you didn't notice in the previous photo of the children, the ground outside was covered in snow/ice. We live in the South and this isn't supposed to happen. It's very pretty but too cold for me. Here are a couple of photos I got just from stepping out the front door. Every plant and tree was covered with a layer of ice.

We've read a number of stories this week (when my voice lets me... the heater constantly running has dried up the air, thus making my throat very dry). Bridget's favorite right now is the Grimm's Fairy Tales (I read these to her, as they are advanced). She is blown away with the stories of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, and how different they are from the Disney movies. It's almost as if it were an entirely new story. She is also doing well with only listening to the stories. Our Grimm's Fairy Tales book has no pictures, but she does well with her imagination. I think she also listens to the details of the story more.

Bridget is also advancing well with the BOB books. She gets frustrated from time to time, especially when I refuse to tell her what a word is and make her sound it out. It takes time but she gets it.

Bridget is also baffled by the sound the letter C makes in words like cat, cup, and can. She knows those words start with a C, but she wants to know why. Why not the letter K? I have a feeling we'll be having this same discussion as we continue through our reading lessons.

In other news, Liam has been performing a new trick these past few days. He'll do it again and again as long as you keep clapping and cheering him on.

It is a freezing 14 degrees this morning but we are looking forward to temperatures in the 50s this weekend. Only in the South.

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