Friday, February 13, 2015

Week in Review: Ballet, Dentist Trip, Real Food!

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In school, we did our usual, math, reading, writing, etc. We spent the most time this week on reading. I start with our lesson from The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading (I cannot say enough how much I love this book!), and then we move on to reading our BOB books. This is when Bridget gets some good practice with very simple books. We could probably breeze through the books faster but I'm very insistent that she is able to read each book without mistakes. If she has trouble with a word or two, I throw the book back into the pile and we read it again the next day. The books she reads well we put aside.

We've slowed down on math since we are getting close to finishing the book. I think I may end up getting the next level before the school year is over, as I don't know how much longer I can drag on the lessons. I need to find more drill worksheets to fill up our day.

As for the other events of our week, we started off by giving Liam his first taste of rice cereal on Sunday. He grabbed the spoon right out of my husbands hand and gave himself his first bite.

You could tell he was very interested in the texture and taste, and didn't push it out of his mouth too much. On Monday, however, he realized that the rice cereal is not very tasty. On Tuesday, I gave him squash with his rice cereal. Oh boy, did he love this! He wants to feed himself mostly, but in an effort to keep things clean and tidy I try to feed him myself. Occasionally he grabs the spoon and won't let go. I let him have it for awhile to avoid tears.

Bridget's dance academy had their parent's week so my husband and I were able to watch what she has learned throughout the year. She adores her teacher, even though it does not look that way in the photo. Having mom and dad there makes her a little nervous.
George had his very first dentist appointment on Wednesday. He is the complete opposite from Bridget, who had to sit in my lap while the hygienist could only brush her teeth. George on the other hand climbed up into the chair on his own and the hygienist was able to use all the tools she needed. It was a successful examination and he has no cavities. He was not afraid even once! (I also had my teeth cleaned and am happy to give a good report on that as well.)

For dinner that night, I prepared fresh asparagus to go with our chickpea filets. I am always trying to introduce new vegetables to the kids and I'm surprised I had waited this long to introduce asparagus. George instantly fell in love. He appreciates good food and makes this face when he is eating something tasty. He savors every bite. He's saying "Mmmmm mmmmm! That sooooo good!" in the picture.

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