Friday, January 30, 2015

Week in Review: January in a Nutshell

This post was originally published on my old blog. 

January brought new additions to our curriculum, and we couldn't be more happy! School got even more fun. In science, we learned about solids and liquids. We experimented with various solids and discovered which solids, when heated, turn into a liquid. And some liquids we even watched turn back into a solid.

We melted old crayons in the oven:

We melted chocolate chips on our tongues (George wasn't about to miss out on this one):

We experimented with ice and popsicles:

In history, we studied the Native Americans and we also began our 'States Study'.

For Delaware, we made a peach pie (their official state dessert!):

It was so delicious and I thought I had gotten pictures of the finished product, but cannot find them. The pie also disappeared rather quickly.

We started our new handwriting book. Bridget starts off each letter by complete a page from her book (tracing and then writing it on her own):

Then we do an extra practice sheet, using words from the lesson or other words mom thinks of:


Bridget is getting so much better at writing. She puts up a fight sometimes when I make her write her lowercase letters, especially when writing her name. We are also working on leaving a finger space between each word. I am pleased with her progress but we will keep practicing.

Not pictured is something else we learned this week in math... switching our horizontal addition problems to vertical addition! Bridget caught on very quick. We did only one math lesson but have been working on drill sheets. We started with drill sheets using only the numbers 0-5. Once she mastered those, we moved on to drill sheets using numbers 0-10. To solve the problems, she uses either her math manipulatives or she draws circles next to each number to help her count. The more drill sheets she does, the less circles I see on her paper, which means she's beginning to do it all in her head!

We also had some other exciting events this week. George turned 3!!! It's been a wild ride but we are so glad to see him so healthy and happy.

Liam is learning some new tricks. He's been rolling for quite some time, but now he is moving all over the floor. If I put him down and go do something for just  a few minutes, I never find him where I left. He's a mover! He's lifting himself up quite nicely and has even attempted to bring his knees in as if he's trying to get into  a crawling position. I'm sure it won't be long now. He knows what he needs to do to keep up with his big brother and sister.

Another trick he's learned is sitting up all by himself. He's face-planted a couple of times, but he keeps getting better and better. If he starts falling to one side, he uses his arm to try to get straight again. Bridget and George have been great in helping him. If I need to go do something, one of them will sit behind him while he plays with his toys. They're very protective and I love having them help.

I am thinking of making one more addition to our homeschool routine, to help us get a better start each day. Still working on how to implement it. I cannot wait to see what February will bring us!

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