Sunday, December 7, 2014

Week in Review: Math & Reading, Bad Burn, He's Rolling!

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A few weeks ago, I decided to focus more on reading and math for Bridget. She's been very good with math from the very beginning, but the lessons are finally starting to get harder. We're also working more with the math manipulatives. We're using the Math-U-See Primer level curriculum. So far, we both really like it. It was a toss up between Math-U-See and Saxon Math, but I think we'll be sticking with Math-U-See.

Bridget has been building big numbers with the manipulatives. She gets a bit frustrated sometimes (especially with the hundreds), but I am happy about it. A little frustration is a good thing. It tells me she's learning something new, getting out of her comfort zone, and really needing to use her thinking skills. She's doing very well! She has also started building addition problems, and I can't wait to do mroe of that with her this coming week. Below are a few pictures from the math work she's been doing.

When I notice Bridget's numbers getting a bit sloppy, or that she's writing some numbers backwards, I break out her number writing practice folder. I have two pages of each sheet, so it keeps her busy for awhile and most importantly, she's getting the practice she needs. The numbers go up to twenty, so she has a total of 8 pages to complete. Not too bad, although sometimes she wants to take a break because her hand hurts. So we'll have a snack and she'll get back to work. George loves it when I have Bridget work on her writing, because that means the math blocks are available. He enjoys building towers and bridges.

Other exciting news is that Bridget has completed every book in her BOB Books Sight Words for Kindergarten that Grandma gave to her. I'm very pleased with the BOB Books and went ahead and ordered the rest of them over the weekend. I can't wait for them to arrive so that we can continue on with her reading skills.

George had an injury the day before Thanksgiving. It involved Granny's hot glue gun, and resulted in a painful 2nd degree burn. I'll blog more about that when I finally get around to recording our Thanksgiving holiday. It was a major event in our household, as he was quite traumatized by it and talks of it often.

And for the last bit of news... Liam is now a roller! On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, he rolled from his tummy to his back. On the following Monday, he rolled from his back to his front. He's now our little roly-poly.

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