Monday, September 8, 2014

Homeschool Week in Review: Weeks 1-5

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This is actually a review of our first 5 weeks since beginning our new school year. It has not been a consistent 5 weeks, but we did officially start during the first week in August. Bridget was very eager to start. I homeschool her on Tuesday-Friday, as she has a mid-day gymnastics lesson every Monday (which finally started back this week). Her little brother George wanted to be included in our homeschool. Here they both are holding their 'first day of school' signs. 

Our first week of homeschool went very well. Liam slept in the swing most of the morning which made things very easy for us. George was semi-cooperative. He loves coloring when it's time to color and he especially loves using the dry-erase markers. When we are not using those things, he either causes trouble in our homeschool area, goes to the play room to play, or on this particular day, I found him fast asleep in his bed at 11:30 in the morning.

Bridget enjoys doing her school work. I think she might like math the most. She's always been good at counting and solving addition and subtraction problems when we present them to her verbally.

Writing her numbers was a different story. We put a hold on our math lessons recently while she practiced writing her numbers (along with handwriting in general). There has been a lot of improvement and I think we'll be able to continue with her math lessons soon.


While Bridget worked on her handwriting, I thought I'd get out her old pre-writing worksheets for George. He did good to start off with, then he went a little crazy. But he's only two and I really didn't expect much from him. It kept him busy and it made him feel like a big boy with his own work to do.

We start off our mornings with a scripture story, and I've chosen to start from the very beginning. Here is Bridget working on her pictures of the creation story. Daddy bought Bridget her first set of markers, and that's all she ever wants to use now.

Making a booklet of our family history during our Story of the World history lesson. She especially loved learning about mommy and daddy.

She still tries to keep things interesting throughout the day. Here she is attempting to color with both her hands and her feet.

 As I mentioned, although we have been in school for 5 weeks, they have not been very consistent weeks. During our second week, Liam went through a growth spurt and did not want to sleep at all in the morning. I couldn't get him down until after 11! I couldn't put him down anywhere without him fussing, which became a huge distraction. Schoolwork didn't get done until the late afternoon on these days, if we did any at all. Just last week he started napping in the morning again and we are back in action. I also ordered some new curriculum materials. It took me a very long time researching and reading reviews but I finally found what I think will work for our family.

I've also had to make changes due to Bridget's style of learning. I've learned so much about her and myself in these past few weeks, and we're finally getting things together. More on all that later.

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